Welcome to Caleido


A new space

in Madrid where technology, knowledge, health and leisure converge in the interest of people.


Born to change.

A kaleidoscope capable of capturing each point of view so it can evolve with you and everyone else. An alternative project in a city that was born to change.


Caleido was born to be a key factor of urban expansion. This construction will put an end to the “emptiness” between neighbourhoods and it will strengthen their interrelationship, giving life to the area by offering a wide range of gastronomic, cultural, leisure, health and educational services.

Different visions of the same space that make it unique.


Caleido is innovation.

A new space where tradition gives way to virtual assistants and fitting rooms, m-commerce or augmented reality.

A place where efficient irrigation systems will take advantage of rainwater allowing up to 50% running water savings.



The future of Madrid starts here.

An area where talent joins the creativity, innovation and cultural diversity of 6,000 students and 500 staff at IE University.

A high performance centre for elite athletes, with the latest technology in regenerative medicine and advanced therapies in echocardiography and electromyography flagged by Quironsalud.

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Shall we talk?
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